Banana Ah Ah

Project Details: Banana Ah Ah

    Platform: Quest 2
    Team: Xiangming Ka(Programmer), Shicai He (Programmer), Lori Kipp (Producer & Sound)), Ruizi Wang (Artist), Nancy Xing (Artist)
    My Role: VR Game Design / Game Art
    Timeline: Sep 2021 (2 Weeks)

    You are the tribal monkey chief on Shadow Island - a desert island inhabited by monstrous shadow creatures that emerge at night but vanish at sunrise. One day, a plane crash-lands on this island, with the sole survivor being a human child. Wielding a banana sword in one hand and a banana boomerang in the other, you must defend the child from waves of shadow monsters until the rescue boat arrives in the morning.

2D Art Assets
Game World
3D Art Assets

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